HENDERSON PROJECT  APR 2020                                  Back to Medina Home Builders

Gina working on big tree out front

Day 1

Keep it out of the power lines, Gina

Gina gets the heebie jeebies when she goes high

April 1, 2020

Little 2 Bedroom by Lee and Gina

We like fresh air and sunshine


First we have to clean up the lot

Chain saw day Bill cutting out the top Cutting down the woodpecker restaurant

Gina Cutting Down the Woodpecker Restaurant



What a pair to draw to

Ma and Pa Kettle Ready for the Summer Heat

Gimme five,  Ginger

Ginger Dog  Apr  2020

Cutting up trees and digging up driveway

Gina and I had to stop while we broke up concrete.  So we worked on pier at Baffin Bay.  High tide took out the center.
Connecting to T head Last few feet I think that is 253 feet back to land
Sweet Gina resting with Ginger
This is a great picture of us working at Baffin Bay. 

 We had two big tables that rotted and fell apart

 and we made one small table out of the pieces.


What you can't see is the cool breeze

that blows in from the water that keeps

the knats out of your nose and eyes.

   It makes it very comfortable outside.


Lee leaning on the fence

This is the new fence we built.   We used the two mesquite

trees for fence posts and they look like they belong on a

fence.  We left a gap at the end to get a lawnmower through.


Digging up sidewalk


Loading the dumpster with a chain


Lotsa weight in this dumpster